WITH the General Election just days away, the candidates for Caerphilly have explained why they think you should vote for them.

Wayne David - Labour

South Wales Argus:

The outcome of this election will determine the direction of our country for years to come.

As the Labour candidate for Caerphilly, I want to see our country pulling together and putting behind us the divisions of the past few years. This can only be done by the people having the final say on Brexit.

A Tory Brexit will hit the people of Caerphilly very hard indeed, but there are other critical issues in this election.

The future of the NHS and the need for it to be adequately funded is vital. The Tories have never really supported the NHS; only Labour has the vision and commitment to protect and enhance it. The values which inspired Nye Bevan must be held firm and we must prevent American companies making vast profits from our NHS.

Labour is also firmly committed to tackling climate change, and Britain must play a leading role in reducing carbon emissions. That is why Labour has policies to achieve a zero carbon energy system within the 2030s. Our environment must be protected for future generations.

Creating a fair society must be our goal. It is so wrong that in Britain, one of the richest countries in the world, we have people relying on food banks.

Importantly, I am also standing on my record as a constituency MP. I live in the constituency, I hold regular advice surgeries and my office is there to serve the people. If re-elected my commitment will continue.


Nathan Gill - Brexit Party

South Wales Argus:

I have been involved in frontline Welsh politics over the last 16 years, and have served as your MEP for Wales for the last five years.

I worked tirelessly for the Brexit vote in 2016, and 57.6 percent of people here in Caerphilly voted to leave.

That vote has not only been ignored, but you have been ridiculed, belittled and slighted for daring to vote against the establishment.

Your current MP spent three and a half years doing everything he could to stop your Brexit. I will spend my waking hours ensuring that it is delivered.

You have called for change by voting for Brexit, you called for change by voting for the Brexit Party in the European Elections. You must now see this through to the end, and vote for change once more.

Jane Pratt - Conservative

South Wales Argus:

I was born in Pontypridd and live in South East Wales.

Both my grandfathers were Welsh coalminers, one of them being born in Ystrad Mynach.

I am proud of my Welsh heritage and it would be an honour to represent Caerphilly.

This election is about respecting the wishes of the electorate. Fifty-seven per cent voted to leave in Caerphilly and I am the only candidate who can ensure we leave by the end of January 2020.

It is so important we get Brexit done so we can deal with other priorities.

The Conservatives will concentrate on three key priorities; more money for the NHS, extra funding for schools, and getting more police officers on the beat.

We desperately need to invest in Caerphilly’s infrastructure by providing better rail and road communications, including the M4 relief road which the Welsh Labour Government stopped, wasting £144 million on needless inquiries.

Climate change is an important priority for me as I am the cabinet member in Monmouthshire responsible for our response. Our Conservative council is leading the way among local authorities in Wales in tackling this issue.

This election provides a clear choice between a business friendly, low tax Conservative Party that will get Brexit done and cut National Insurance benefitting low income taxpayers, contrasted with a Labour Party which believes in high taxes impacting on everyone, state intervention, excessive spending, as well as more delay and dithering on Brexit.

I hope you will support me. For further information see my Facebook page Jane4Caerphilly.

Lindsay Whittle - Plaid Cymru

South Wales Argus:

This election is crucial. It will decide the future of the UK for generations to come.

Brexit has been badly handled. When I was in Scotland campaigning in the independence referendum every house had a booklet outlining all the questions and answers. It is how a civilised society runs a proper referendum. Not slogans on the side of buses and rhetoric on both sides. We need another vote with all the facts before us.

Caerphilly has returned Labour MPs since 1918. Is another one going to make a blind bit of difference to people’s lives?

We’re at the wrong end of every league table - so much in Wales needs fixing. Child poverty is rising, life expectancy is falling, hospital waiting times are rising, transport infrastructure is failing, and homeless people in tents can be seen on our streets. Our elderly also need to be assured they will be looked after and are financially safe.

I’ve fought for this area over nine General Elections. I’m a fighter, I’m determined, I never give up.

In this third General Election in just four years we are offered a poisoned chalice between two divided parties.

Plaid Cymru will always put Wales first.

With my years of experience as councillor, council leader and Assembly Member, I’m ready to take the fight for a better Caerphilly to Westminster.