LABOUR’S Nick Thomas-Symonds has retained his seat in Torfaen for the third time.

Mr Thomas-Symonds secured 15,546 votes – 41.7 per cent of the vote – considerably lower than his 22,134 (57.6 per cent) return in 2015.

It’s was a night of mixed emotions for Mr Thomas-Symonds, as despite retaining his seat it was a poor night for the Labour Party nationally.

Speaking after his victory, Mr Thomas-Symonds said: “First and foremost it’s an extreme privilege to serve as an MP.

“My first thanks goes to the people of Torfaen for standing by me in what was always going to be a difficult election.

“I will be pushing for increased funding for our public services and I believe Universal Credit is not working and needs to be scrapped.”


He added the Labour Party must reflect on the result nationally.

“I am sorry to see some of my hard-working friends and colleagues lose their seats tonight," he said. “Brexit has shifted the political landscape on its axis. 

“We have what looks like a full-term Tory government who will continue to make cuts to public services across the country.

“We have to ask ourselves those searching questions on why this has happened, and how we can stop this from happening again, so hopefully we don’t experience this again.”

South Wales Argus:

(Labour's Nick Thomas-Symonds giving his acceptance speech after retaining his Torfaen seat.)

Conservative candidate Graham Smith and Brexit Party candidate David Thomas secured 11,804 and 5,742 votes respectively.

Liberal Democrat John Miller, Plaid Cymru’s Morgan Bowler-Brown, and the Green Party candidate Andrew Heygate-Browne won 1,831, 1,441, and 812 votes respectively.

The election had a turnout of 59.8 per cent, with 37,282 people casting their votes. This was the lowest turnout in the borough since 2005, and the third lowest since the constituency was created.

South Wales Argus:

(Conservative candidate for Torfaen Graham Smith.)

Earlier in the night, Mr Smith said the night was looking fairly promising – backed up by receiving a similar number of votes to in the 2017 General Election.

“I’m hoping for an eminently respectable result,” he said. “I think overturning a 10,000 majority might be a bit much but I am looking for a respectable result.”

Mr Smith closed Mr Thomas-Symonds’ majority from 10,240 in 2017 to 3,742 – the lowest it has ever been in the borough.

South Wales Argus:

(Brexit Party candidate for Torfaen David Thomas.)

Speaking while the votes were being counted, Mr Thomas said: “Nick has worked extremely hard and I think he had to because we were pushing him.”

Prior to the announcement, the candidates spoke positively of what Mr Thomas called “a clean campaign.”

Mr Miller said: “The campaign locally has been brilliant.

“We have had good debate in the hustings, and I didn’t think this particular area has mirrored the country with the vitriol.”


  • Nick Thomas-Symonds (Labour): 15,546 (41.8 per cent)
  • Graham Smith (Conservative): 11,804 (31.8 per cent)
  • David Thomas (Brexit Party): 5,742 (15.4 per cent)
  • John Miller (Lib Dem): 1,831 (4.9 per cent)
  • Morgan Bowler-Brown (Plaid Cymru): 1,441 (3.9 per cent)
  • Andrew Heygate-Browne (Green): 812 (2.2 per cent)