GWENT'S only serving Conservative MP has retained his seat, with a commanding majority of 9,982 - winning more than 50 per cent of the vote.

Monmouth's David Davies won 26,160 votes from a total turnout of 50,353 - a massive turnout of 74.8 per cent.

As the polls look like the Conservative Party will win a healthy majority of seats in Parliament, Mr Davies used his victory speech to call for a moderate government.


"The Conservative Party must remember that there is no mandate for extremities or for a right-wing government," he told the crowd at Chepstow Leisure Centre. "Instead what we have is a mandate for a government from the centre of British politics, which is where I believe most people actually are."

Mr Davies has historically been a strong supporter of leaving the European Union and said that "respecting that referendum and doing so with a deal" was one of the commitments he had made to voters.

Speaking to the Argus after the result, he suggested the Tories' Brexit message had appealed to people across the political spectrum.

"Too many people have equated Brexit with the right-wing," he said. "Brexit is not right-wing or left-wing politics. Brexit has the support of many people across the United Kingdom, and I think the Labour Party need to think about the fact that many of their owen supporters wanted it and voted for it."

In his speech, Mr Davies also sought to allay any fears that a Tory majority would threaten the NHS or divide people.

"Our National Health Service must be protected and must never be dismantled or privatised," he said. "I spoke about a fair immigration policy but I would be completely against any form of racism, discrimination, or xenophobia."

Mr Davies said he believed a campaign had to be won all year round, rather than in the few weeks before an election.

He won 52.1 per cent of the vote, slightly down on 2017.


  • David Davies (Conservative): 26,160 (52.1 per cent)
  • Yvonne Murphy (Labour): 16,178 (32.2 per cent)
  • Alison Willott (Lib Dem): 4,909 (9.8 per cent)
  • Ian Chandler (Green): 1,353 (2.7 per cent)
  • Hugh Kocan (Plaid Cymru): 1,182 (2.4 per cent)
  • Martyn Ford (Ind): 435 (0.9 per cent)