BLAENAU Gwent stuck with tried and tested in the General Election as Labour’s Nick Smith retained the seat he has held since 2010.

On a day when Labour was suffering elsewhere, Mr Smith managed to hang onto his majority, winning 49.2 per cent of the vote - but his share of the vote was eaten into by Richard Taylor of the Brexit Party, who put in a strong showing, coming second, with 20.6 per cent of the vote.

Mr Smith’s majority was 8,652 - down from the 11,907 majority he enjoyed in 2017.


Following a recount on some of the counting tables at the General Offices in Ebbw Vale, the results were revealed at shortly before 4am this morning.

The late finish, unusual for the constituency, made it the last constituency in Gwent to declare.

Speaking after the result, Mr Smith said: “I have campaigned on issues important to Blaenau Gwent like jobs, boosting the economy and helping miners and steel workers.

"I'm a local candidate and I've enjoyed support across the community."

But he added: "The national picture looks terrible. Lots of good friends have lost seats.

“My wife (Jenny Chapman) has lost hers in Darlington. She's been a great MP.

"We're going to see bad times with the Conservatives."

Turnout was 56.9 per cent.

Mr Smith was the only returning face this time around in Blaenau Gwent - with all five other candidates standing in the constituency for the first time. He has held the seat since 2010. Plaid were the closest challengers in 2017 and UKIP in 2015.

Blaenau Gwent is one of the younger constituencies in the country, only being recognised as such in 1983. The first ever Blaenau Gwent MP was Labour's Michael Foot that same year.

Blaenau Gwent has now remained in Labour hands since Nick Smith won the seat in 2010.


  • Nick Smith (Labour): 14,862 (49.2 per cent)
  • Richard Taylor (Brexit Party): 6,215 (20.6 per cent)
  • Laura Jones (Conservatives): 5,749 (19 per cent)
  • Peredur Griffiths (Plaid Cymru): 1,722 (5.7 per cent)
  • Chelsea-Marie Annett (Lib Dem): 1,285 (4.3 per cent)
  • Stephen Priestnall (Green): 386 (1.3 per cent)