A MUM from Caerphilly has lost four stones in weight in just six months to reach her goal of being able to undergo a tummy tuck operation.

Hayley Lloyd, 44, from Caerphilly, gained weight after having children and in 2001 reached her heaviest weight of almost 19 stone.

She decided to lose weight and joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and lost four stones - but despite this achievement, she disliked the impact that being overweight had done to her body.

“With pregnancies and being overweight, the skin had stretched and was loose", she added.

She had told her husband that having a tummy tuck would give her the confidence she needed.

In January 2019, with her children grown up, there was now time and money to pursue this dream and a tummy tuck operation was booked.

“I spoke to my surgeon who told me I needed to be within a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) to get the best results, as the operation was not a weight loss solution," she said.

"I set myself a goal to lose three-and-a-half stones by the summer, as that was when I had set my mind to have the operation”.


Hayley therefore joined the WW Workshop in Caerphilly, weighing in at 14 stone 9lb. Soon the weight was dropping off and Hayley was feeling much better about herself.

She credits the flexible eating plan at WW for never making it feel like she was on a diet and in July 2019, reached her goal weight of 11st 1lb by losing a total of 3 stone 8lb, and underwent the tummy tuck operation two weeks later.

“I am now proud of my body. My confidence has rocketed, and I am able to get undressed with the light on. I wish I had done this for myself years ago.

“This is all thanks to WW who gave me the support I needed to succeed on my weight loss journey to find myself again”.

If you would like more information about joining WW please visit www.ww.com/uk