AFTER seeing a photograph of herself taken at Christmas 2018, Catharine Griffiths knew she needed to make lifestyle changes and lose some weight.

In recent years, she had been caring for her mother - who died in February 2018 - and had let her own health and wellbeing priorities fall by the wayside.

Standing 5ft 2ins, Ms Griffiths weighed 11st 6lb when she finally took action early last year.

And by November 2019, she had gone from a size 18 to a size 10, simply by losing two stones.

“Even though I knew I needed to lose weight, I didn’t actually do anything about it until February 2019. I had a realisation that my life hadn’t moved on in the year since mum died, said Ms Griffiths, of Penperlleni in Monmouthshire.

“I would come home from work and settle down on the sofa and eat. One day, I just made the decision to change.

"Instead of walking into the house and raiding the fridge, I put my trainers on and went for a walk.”

She began walking five evenings a week, increasing her distance to just less than six miles a night.

“It wasn’t easy at first, but as the weeks went on, I got quicker and went further. It felt great - and the bonus was that the weight was coming off too,” said Ms Griffiths.


By May, her weight loss had slowed down and she realised she needed to make more changes, so joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) with coach Michelle Hamblen.

Ms Griffiths puts some of her success down to going each week to the Weekly Workshop.

“The group support is so motivating. Each week Michelle talks with us about behaviour change techniques that help support our weight loss and wellbeing.

“Michelle knows her stuff. I’ve really benefitted from her support and advice and the tips from the group.

“I have gained so much by losing this weight. I am so much happier, and my confidence has soared.

"I am joining a running group and going to aim for a 5K to start.

“I’m so glad that I took action. Look how my life has changed in a year and for the better.”

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