PETUNIA arrived at Newport City Dogs Home as a stray at the end of November. She was in a pitiful state, covered in bite wounds, malnourished, and unable to see due to severe untreated infection, entropion and cherry eye.

She has been in the tender care of a foster carer in a home environment, has had extensive sight-saving eye surgery, and although she isn't quite ready to leave the centre yet (Petunia needs further corrective surgery on her eyes), staff are now taking applications for this lovely girl. She may be able to live with another dog, and she absolutely adores gentle little people.

South Wales Argus:

Petunia with one of Newport City Dogs Home's young volunteers Molly Deasington

Petunia cannot be rehomed to first time dog owners, and preference will be given to applicants who have previously owned and cared for a bulldog, and who are familiar with the skin care regime that squishy faced dogs need to keep their skin folds clean and healthy.


Petunia absolutely adores the company of people, and she does find it a little difficult to settle when she is left on her own, so her applicants will need to be at home for most of the time.

She is also happiest when she is able to sleep in close proximity to her humans, so if you have a 'no dogs upstairs' rule you will need endless patience and very tolerant neighbours while Petunia learns to settle downstairs to sleep. This could take a very long time.

South Wales Argus:

Poor Petunia still needs surgery on her eyes and will need a lot of love and care

She is also going to need lots of patience while she continues to learn how to live in a home environment, so applicants need to be prepared for little 'accidents' during her settling-in period.

For more information about Petunia please contact the staff at the centre, who will explain Petunia's rehoming requirements in more detail. The contact number is 01633 290902.