PLANS for affordable housing in a north Monmouthshire village have been submitted to the county council.

The proposals include 20 affordable homes on land off the A465 Hereford Road, at Wern Gifford, Pandy.

The site, which is currently undeveloped, will offer a mixture of flats and houses ranging from one bedroom to three bedrooms.


Support for affordable housing in the area was received as part of a consultation on the plans, and is included in the pre-application consent report.

One response said: “I’m just writing to show my support for the proposed affordable housing to be built at Wern Gifford.

“Me and my partner have been trying to get on the property ladder for the last three years but always seem to fall just short due to cost and area.

“The affordable housing would not only allow us to purchase within our price range, but with my childhood years spent living in Wern Gifford and most, if not all, of my relatives live in or around Wern Gifford it would really supply an amazing opportunity for us to start a family of our own there.”

However, concerns have been raised over potential traffic problems near the A465 and Llanvihangel Crucorney Primary School, which lies within the estate.

One neighbour said: “This is not an area where it is possible for the majority of parents to walk to school and so to have another 40 cars or so passing the school to the proposed dwellings would cause a serious danger to children.

“The school also has a nursery and so the traffic to and from the school is not just in the early morning and in the afternoons.”

The application will be considered by the council in the coming months.