A NEWPORT primary school where pupils have 'a prominent voice in guiding their learning' has been awarded an excellent rating following an Estyn inspection.

Head teacher of Glasllwch Primary School Christine Jackson, said she is “absolutely thrilled” by the achievement and said pupils, staff, parents and the governing body all deserve praise for their contributions.

Inspectors came calling last November, but Mrs Christine Jackson said she was not worried because she has an “amazing team”.

The newly published Estyn report of that inspection, grades the school as excellent in five key areas: Standards; wellbeing and attitudes to learning; teaching and learning experiences; care, support and guidance; and leadership and management.

“We are absolutely thrilled, especially because since 2014 (when the school was last inspected) we’ve had a lot of change in teaching staff,” Mrs Jackson added.

“Very few of our teachers were here at the previous inspection.”

The school, whose motto is Today’s Learning for Tomorrow’s Stars, provides a “quality of teaching” that is “consistently high,” the report said.

Inspectors also found that “the school gives pupils a prominent voice in guiding their learning”.

“Pupil voice groups collaborate very effectively and have a positive effect on school life and the wellbeing of their peers.”

It is something Mrs Jackson and her staff have worked hard to foster.


“Pupil voice is huge for us,” she said.

“Pupils having a say in choosing their own projects is really important to us, really making sure children are engaged in their own learning.”

“We have an amazing team here.

“The staff are so dedicated, so committed, so hardworking, and we have fantastic children who are really engaged in their learning.

“We have really supportive parents and an amazing governing body.

“The team ethos here is huge, everybody is of equal importance to us.”

The school was also awarded an excellent Estyn rating in 2014.