CCTV cameras, inspections and single-household bins are all part of a new plan to tackle fly-tipping on the Bettws estate in Newport.

Newport City Homes, along with Newport City Council and Fly-Tipping Action for Wales, brought the scheme into force today - with plans to expand it if it proves a success.

"Fly-tipping in Newport is an issue that has pushed us to think outside the box," said Newport City Homes in a statement.

"We will be installing CCTV and carrying out inspections in the area.

"Anyone found to be fly-tipping will be reported to the council and may be fined."

The housing association is also replacing the current shared bins with individually numbered bins allocated to each household.

"These new bins will be placed on the kerbside on the day of collection," continues the statement.


More recycling facilities are also being provided, in order to reduce the amount of rubbish households need to put in their waste bin.

"We are aware that there are issues with fly-tipping all across Newport, and particularly around the bins on some of our estates, and we hope that the individual bins will help residents manage their own household waste effectively," says the statement.

"Removing the need for communal bins will hopefully remove the attraction to fly-tippers coming in from other areas.

"If these new bins do help to reduce fly tipping in the area, it could be something we roll out across all our communities."

If you see anyone fly-tipping, or you have information which could help Newport City Homes reduce the amount of fly-tipping, you can get in touch with them on 01633 381 111 or drop in to its city centre office, opposite the bus station.