A DRUG addict was jailed after he burgled his parents and demanded they give him money while shouting at them that he was a “spice head”.

Jay Strickland, 22, turned up at his mother and father’s Cwmbran home before Christmas but they refused to let him in, Newport Crown Court was told.

Prosecuting, Lowri Wynn Morgan said the defendant then climbed onto their porch and got in through an upstairs window and there was a physical confrontation.

She told the judge: “He shouted at them, ‘I’m a spice head. Give me £10 and I’ll go.’”

Strickland then stole £5 from his mother’s handbag while the police were called.

The defendant then grappled with his father outside the house before a neighbour and an off-duty policeman came to his aid.

Strickland was “kept calm with a can of Strongbow cider” until officers arrived to arrest him.


The defendant, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to burglary, the offence being committed on December 19 2019.

Miss Wynn Morgan said he had 16 previous convictions for 30 offences, including battery and harassment.

Defence counsel Richard Ace said Strickland committed the offence when he was homeless and using drugs.

His barrister admitted it was a “mean incident” but added his client was now looking to “build some bridges with his mother”.

Judge Daniel Williams told Strickland: “You pushed your mother and father. They were frightened by your behaviour. Violence was used against them.

“You fought with your father and you were also aggressive to a neighbour who came to help him.

“You are 22 and this is your first conviction for burglary.”

The judge jailed Strickland for nine months and ordered him to pay a victim surcharge upon his release from custody.