NEWPORT East boasts the third highest concentration of internet sector-related businesses in Wales, according to figures published today.

With 2.2 per cent of all such businesses in Wales, Newport East ranks behind just two other locations - Pontypridd (13.4 per cent) and Cardiff North (2.4 per cent) - based on constituency areas.

The research by Internet Association (IA) highlights the value the internet brings to the economy right across the UK.

Nationally, the internet economy contributes approximately 400,000 jobs, 80,000 businesses and £45 billion in Gross Value Added to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). These equate to about 1.2 per cent of UK jobs, 3.1 per cent of UK enterprises, and 2.3 per cent of UK GDP.

The new research also gives, for the first time, a view of how important the internet economy is to Wales.

The estimated number of internet sector jobs in Wales is approximately 15,000, the estimated number of internet sector businesses is 2,000, and the estimated value-added generated from the internet sector is £1 billion. The findings showed:

• In Wales, the constituency with the highest number of internet sector jobs is Cardiff South and Penarth which has approximately 1,200 internet sector related jobs

• The constituency with the largest number of internet sector related businesses in Wales is Pontypridd (530 businesses)

• The largest contributor to value-added in Wales is Pontypridd with over £103 million in value-added contributions. Second is Cardiff South and Penarth (£54 million) and third is Cardiff Central (£43 million)

“These figures highlight the true value of the internet sector to communities in Wales," said IA's UK executive director Daniel Dyball

"From Rhondda to Arfon, the internet is a major economic engine that is delivering benefits to the economy and society.

“The positive figures and tangible benefits are only set to grow as technology develops, but the Government must ensure the UK has the right policies to allow the internet to thrive.

"We are keen to work with the new Government to make the UK one of the best internet economies in the world.”