JAW-DROPPING photos have captured the Severn Bridge hugged by a blanket of cloud.

Taken by the South West Branch of the National Police Air Service, the shots show the results of a temperature inversion over the Severn Estuary.

Posted on social media, the picture has racked up nearly 500 likes.

South Wales Argus:


What is a temperature inversion?

A temperature inversion is where temperature increases with height.

The lowest part of our atmosphere is called the troposphere - which extends to heights of 16km and is where most of our weather happens.

It is also a section of the atmosphere where the temperature typically gets lower the higher up you go, for example, when you climb a mountain it is often colder at the top.

But sometimes, a small layer can form where the temperature increases with height - and this is exactly what happened on Tuesday morning.

According to the Met Office, inversions are most common in winter when mist and fog become trapped in the cooler air low down.

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South Wales Argus:

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