RESIDENTS in a Gwent village are worried about pollution levels in the already busy main street, due to rising traffic levels caused by a landslip.

John Williams, 87, Gill Woolley, 71 and Angela Caddick, 46, who all live on the B4251 Islwyn Road, said the landslip, which happened last October, has caused traffic chaos.

Temporary traffic lights are in place for the time being, but the traffic builds up, and for around two hours last Monday evening, the lights were stuck on red.

“It's horrendous,” said Mrs Caddick.

“All lights were on red last Monday evening, and cars were chancing it.

“It takes my partner an hour to get home from work in Rogerstone when it should take 15 minutes”.

South Wales Argus:

The landslide closing one side of the B4251. Picture -

Her son catches the bus to school everyday and uses the pelican crossing, but cars are now starting to block it.

South Wales Argus:

Traffic lights in Wattsville due to a landslide closing half of the B4251. Picture -

“I’ve seen kids give up waiting for the bus,” said Mrs Woolley.

“They’re stood out, waiting in the cold.

“It’s not fair on those living in the village”.

Mr Williams said that on Monday, the traffic was so heavy, it reached back to the Risca bypass.

South Wales Argus:

Workmen repairing the landslide. Picture -

Another big worry for these residents is fumes from the cars and its effect on pollution levels for the area.

Caerphilly Council said that on October 21 last year, a landslip caused by a leaking Welsh Water main swept away the earth embankment that supports the carriageway along the B4251.

This forced the closure of the westbound lane, along Nine Mile Point Road where it bridges the Nant Hafod Tudor in Wattsville. The temporary signals manage the single file traffic along the eastbound lane and will remain in place until the embankment has been reinstated.

This is expected to be completed by early March, and the lights are now being operated manually during mornings and evenings.