MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay did nothing wrong, and is yet to be told why he has been suspended from the Welsh Conservative group, it is claimed.

Mr Ramsay was suspended on January 2, following his arrest in connection with what the party group described as "an incident" on New Year's Day.

Gwent Police released the AM on January 3 and said they would take no further action on the matter.

But Mr Ramsay remains suspended from the Welsh Conservatives, and the matter remains "unresolved", his solicitors said in a statement.

"For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Ramsay has done nothing wrong and did not invite the suspension," the Sanders Witherspoon LLP statement read. "Mr Ramsay is in limbo but that is not his fault.

"The quicker the Conservative Party do something and deal with this properly, the quicker it will be resolved.

"At the moment they seem to be relying on unsupported conjecture, which is wholly unsatisfactory.”

Mr Ramsay, who chairs the Welsh Assembly's Public Accounts Committee, has served as an AM since 2007.


His solicitors said the matter would remain unresolved "until the Conservative Party explain why he is suspended".

The Welsh Conservatives declined the opportunity to respond to the solicitors' comments.

In an earlier statement, at the time of Mr Ramsay's release, the party group said the AM's suspension "will now be reviewed and the outcome reported in due course".