GWENT Cats Protection is appealing this week for outdoor homes for some feral cats it has rescued.

The charity is constantly dealing with colonies, to trap, neuter and return back to their area, ensuring the avoidance of unwanted kittens and the increase in numbers.

But sadly, some cats are unable to return to their original area and are happier and living somewhere safe outdoors, being fed and given shelter.

A recent colony the charity rescued had to be moved because its elderly guardian was unable to cope.

If you have a farm, smallholding or stable, they could be the perfect pest control system for you. All you need to do is provide them with food and a shelter for them to curl up in.


The term 'feral' describes members of any domesticated species that have reverted to living as wild animals. Feral cats have had little or no contact with humans. They can’t be tamed because they are very fearful of people and it would compromise their welfare.

Feral cats live alone or in groups, and shouldn’t be confused with stray cats, which were raised as pets but have since been lost or abandoned. Although stray cats can be scared of people due to their experiences, they can often be rehabilitated and go on to live life as a pet again.

Even though you won’t get lots of cuddles from feral cats, they are very easy to love as they are full of character and fascinating to have around.

There is no adoption fee for a feral cat and so please do contact the charity if you can offer a warm place to sleep for a cat who will want to earn their keep!

For more information, telephone 0345 371 2747, email or visit