A DANGEROUS driver with nearly 100 offences recorded against him reversed into a police car when he was caught at the wheel whilst disqualified for the 13th time.

Andrew Packwood, aged 35, of Railway Terrace, Blaina, was jailed for nearly two years and banned from the roads for five years.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how the defendant reversed at speed and hit a police vehicle and wall after he “panicked” last December.


Packwood damaged the car’s bumper and wheel, prosecutor Lisa McCormick said.

He admitted dangerous driving and driving whilst disqualified.

The defendant was also being sentenced after being convicted in his absence by magistrates of driving whilst disqualified, driving with no insurance and obstructing a police constable in early 2019.

Miss McCormick said Packwood had 35 previous convictions for 90 offences, including one for dangerous driving for which he was jailed for 12 months in 2017.

The prosecutor asked Judge David Wynn Morgan if he wanted her to go through his antecedent history to which he replied: “No. We will be here until teatime otherwise.”

The case was being heard just after midday.

Stephen Thomas, mitigating, said of his client: “He told me he panicked and he is very sorry for what happened.

“There were no injuries to police officers or members of the public.

“The defendant had a very difficult background and has struggled with mental health issues.

“He has a stable address to go to on his release from prison and I would invite your honour to keep the sentence as short as possible.”

Judge Wynn Morgan told the defendant he had “absolutely no regard” for the rules of the road.

He jailed Packwood for a total of 22 months and banned him from driving for five years from the date when he is due to be released from jail in December.

The defendant must also pay a £140 victim surcharge.