A WOMAN from Newport has lost six stone after feeling insecure about her body image and suffering with mental health issues for years.

Michelle Humphrey, 43, said: “After suffering for years with depression and having over two and a half years of counselling, I realised I had to do something to get myself fit and healthy if I wanted to be able to watch my family grow up”.

She went from 17 stone to 11 stone, losing six stone.

“I would constantly tell myself that I was fat, ugly, not worthy and I spent most of my time being and feeling sad,” she added. “To the outside world I managed to cover how I was feeling, always with a smile on my face and the life and soul of the party, but inside I felt I was dying”.

South Wales Argus:

(Michelle Humphrey before and after)


“I still have bad times where I hate myself and don’t think I’m worthy, but since losing weight these moments are much shorter”.

Michelle’s Slimming World groups - running in Rogerstone, Gaer and Handpost are held at Rivermead Centre ever Monday at 5.30pm, St John’s Baptist Church Hall every Tuesday at 9.30am or 11.30am or Gaer Baptist Church every Tuesday at 5.30pm or 7.30pm.

For information on Michelle’s groups call 07838 420331.

For anyone dealing with any of the above, you can contact C.A.L.L on 0800 132 737 (open 24/7) or you can text 'help' followed by a question to 81066.