FIVE members of a Newport organised crime gang who ran a huge drugs empire made nearly £10 million trafficking cocaine – but they only have £115,000 left which can be clawed back.

Brothers Blane Nunes and Jerome Nunes were the brains behind a sophisticated syndicate, along with Thomas Allison, Preston Killoran and Liam Slade.


The staggering amount of money they made -£9.7m in total - was revealed during a Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) hearing at Newport Crown Court.

But the recoverable assets they have dwarfs the amount they made from their illegal operation.

South Wales Argus:

Blane Nunes

Together the five flooded the streets of South Wales with high purity cocaine.

Last year, they and the other 11 members of their gang were jailed for a total of 100 years after their operation was smashed by Operation Finch, carried out by Tarian, the regional organised crime unit, supported by Gwent Police and South Wales Police.

The Nunes’ mother, ‘Gangster Granny’ Angela Collingbourne, 51, was an important cog in the machine and acted as its “second-in-command”.

South Wales Argus:

Jerome Nunes

Blane Nunes, 26, of Jenkins Street, sent to prison for 14 years, benefitted by £2,752,602.33 and will have to pay back just £6,000 within three months or face an extra four months behind bars.

Jerome Nunes, aged 28, of Livingstone Place, Maindee, jailed for 12 years, made £2,897,100.81 and must repay £3,800 by the end of March or face another three months in custody.

Thomas Allison, aged 26, of Hendre Farm Drive, Ringland, imprisoned for 10 years, profited by £220,826.29 and will have to hand over £47,130.34 by the end of April or spend an extra 15 months inside.

South Wales Argus:

Thomas Allison

Preston Killoran, aged 25, of Elgar Circle, Alway, given an eight-year jail term, made £2,746,244 and has to pay back £43,253.68 within three months or also face another 15 months in prison.

Liam Slade, aged 28, of Aberthaw Circle, Alway, handed a one-year prison sentence, benefitted by £1,131,000 and must repay £15,510.20 within two months or face eight months imprisonment in default.

Former trainee teacher Collingbourne, aged 51, of Jenkins Street, who was jailed for six years, is due to have her POCA hearing on April 3.

South Wales Argus:

Preston Killoran

They were convicted of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Last year, prosecutor Andrew Jones said the 16 defendants were part of “an organised crime gang controlling a significant proportion of the Newport drugs trade”.

He added: “It was a sophisticated group operating covertly and executing their criminal enterprise with precision.”

Collingbourne was caught on CCTV counting “vast amounts of cash” at the NP19 Tyres garage in Newport which was used as a front by the gang.