THE BELLS rang out above Newport today as the Right Reverend Cherry Vann was officially enthroned as Bishop of Monmouth.

Ms Vann will be the 11th bishop of Monmouth and the first woman to hold the post.
Her election was confirmed on Thursday afternoon when she secured the necessary two-thirds majority vote from members of the electoral college.

Welcomed by the Dean of Newport Lister Tonge, the congregation filled Newport Cathedral at the top of Stow Hill.

The service included several hymns and readings, including one from the gospel according to St John concerning the days after the resurrection.

Following her enthronement, Ms Vann was presented to the congregation as “our new Bishop” – to a standing ovation and more than a few cheers.

She then presented a sermon in which she touched upon the reading from the gospel of St John given earlier in the service.

She said: “That excerpt gives us an important glimpse into these days after the resurrection.”

She spoke of how the vulnerable and those who feel weak and ineffective were still called to follow Christ.

“There is massive potential in the Diocese of Monmouth,” she continued.

“Why? Because they’re made up of fantastic people.”

Ms Vann also made reference to her predecessor Rowan Williams who was the eighth Bishop of Monmouth – being elected in 1991.

She also spoke of how one of the most transformative experiences in her life had been that of working with the deaf community in Manchester.

“They opened my eyes to other ways of praying and worship,” she said

“God has given us a world teeming with difference and diversity. Sadly, this can lead to division.”

Some of that division, she explained, had arisen among the controversy surrounding the ordination of women.

However, Ms Vann said: “Jesus calls us to love our enemies and those who hate us.

“Letting go of deeply held beliefs, tribal security and the familiar.”

Brexit even made an appearance in the sermon, with the new Bishop calling for people to come together no matter which way they voted.

After the service a collection was taken to go towards upkeep of the cathedral.