FRESH pictures show how the overturned lorry on the old Severn Bridge was just metres from disaster.

Yesterday, at around 12pm, a lorry overturned in high winds as the last of Storm Ciara swept through the UK.

The lorry driver sustained minor head injuries.

But pictures from Highways England reveal it could have been much worse, with the lorry just metres away from toppling over the bridge.

South Wales Argus:

(The lorry was metres from disaster. Picture: Highways England)

Thankfully, the railings prevented the lorry from sliding any further.

South Wales Argus:

(The eastbound has been closed since the incident.)


The M48 bridge eastbound has been closed since the incident as emergency services have been unable to remove the lorry.

However, Highways England have confirmed “recovery of the LGV has been arranged”.

The spokesman added: “We need the windspeeds to reduce before recovering can start for safety reasons.”

The westbound is currently open but with restrictions – high sided vehicles, motorcycles and tow vehicles are still unable to pass because of strong winds.

The worst of Storm Ciara is over, but the Met Office has issued a further warning as Storm Dennis gears up to batter Wales over the weekend.

A ‘danger to life’ warning has been issued – you can read about that here.