AN “EXCEPTIONALLY drunken” knifeman was PAVA-sprayed by a policeman after he went to his grandmother’s house and threatened to kill his sister whilst in a rage.

Ieuan Tarrant, aged 22, of Canterbury Road, Beaufort, Ebbw Vale, “went completely mad” after he had visited pubs in Brynmawr, Newport Crown Court was told.

Nigel Fryer, prosecuting, said: “The defendant had been ejected from the Royal Exchange because he was drunk.”


Tarrant then went to the Wine Vaults and there had been a “stand-off” between him and his father who had turned up and tried to take him home.

Judge Daniel Williams was told the defendant fled the scene and went to his grandmother’s address where his sister also lived.

Mr Fryer said there was a confrontation between the two siblings in the living room.

The prosecutor said: “It was described that Mr Tarrant just completely exploded and went mad.

“He started shouting and screaming, all directed at his sister. Their disabled grandmother tried to mediate. She acted as a peacemaker.”

Mr Fryer told the court that Tarrant verbally abuse his sister.

He said: “He told her nobody liked her. This went on for about 20 minutes. It then escalated and he started screaming, ‘I’m going to kill you!’”

The police were called before Tarrant went into the kitchen and picked up a knife.

Mr Fryer added: “He had a knife in his hand. He wasn’t brandishing it, but he was erratically moving it up and down.

“When a policeman arrived, he called him a ‘pig’ and threatened to kill himself.

“Because of the volatile situation, the officer used his PAVA spray and incapacitated him.”

The prosecutor said that when Tarrant had sobered up, he told the police he was “all mouth and never wanted to hurt anyone, particularly his grandmother”.

The defendant pleaded guilty to affray, the offence being committed on January 20 in Brynmawr.

Tarrant, had no previous convictions.

Tom Roberts, mitigating, said there had been some “provocation” from his client’s sister during the incident.

He added: “Mr Tarrant does not seek to have any contact with his sister in the foreseeable future.”

Judge Williams told the defendant: “You went out on January 20 and got exceptionally drunk and decided to go to your grandmother’s house where your sister was.

“There was an argument between the two of you and you started getting mad and made a number of ugly threats.

“The police arrived and they had to use incapacity spray upon you.”

Tarrant was sentenced to a 12-month community order.

He must carry out 120 hours of unpaid work in the community and was made the subject of a 21-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

A restraining order was imposed preventing Tarrant from contacting his sister for three years.

He must also pay £420 costs and a £90 surcharge.