A JURY was told it is being asked to “take dangerous leaps” to convict a man facing a number of child sex abuse allegations.

Timothy Jones’ barrister Susan Ferrier made the claim in her closing speech during her client’s trial at Newport Crown Court.

The 50-year-old defendant, of Usk Road, Caerleon, denies eight counts involving allegations he sexually assaulted a young girl.


The jury of seven men and five women have heard how Jones had described the accusations against him as “total rubbish”.

Miss Ferrier said: “The defendant insists he isn’t guilty. The prosecution is asking you to take dangerous leaps at the cost of this man’s life.”

She added: “In this case, there is a lack of detail.”

Addressing the jury, prosecutor Clare Wilks asked them: “What reason would the complainant have to lie? It’s one person’s word against another.

“She has given a detailed account. She has remained consistent in her account. The prosecution says she has no reason to lie.”

On the opening day of the trial on Monday, Miss Wilks said: “The defendant in this case faces allegations of sexual abuse.

“He denies all of the allegations and says they are false and that the complainant is lying.”

Miss Wilks added: “She said he would kiss her and touch her and he told her not to tell anyone. She told the police she was scared he would hurt her.”

The prosecutor played to the court a video interview the girl gave to detectives last year in which she said: “He would touch me in my private parts. He would say, ‘Keep this a secret. Don’t tell anyone.’ “He would undress me. I felt scared. I was scared he would hurt me."

The defendant has pleaded not guilty to eight counts of sexual assault against a girl aged under 13.

Judge Richard Williams has started to sum up the case and the jury is expected to retire tomorrow.