NICK Ramsay, the AM for Monmouth, has ended legal action against the leader of the Welsh Conservatives following his suspension from the party group last month.

Mr Ramsay has been "fully reinstated" as a member of the Welsh Conservatives and has settled a legal dispute with party group leader, Paul Davies.

"Thankfully, we can now put this matter behind us and begin working properly together again," Mr Ramsay said in a statement.

The Monmouth AM had been suspended from the Welsh Conservatives following his arrest, at his home, on January 1.

Gwent Police released him the following day, and said no further action was to be taken.

But Mr Ramsay's party suspension remained in place, prompting him to sue Mr Davies and "end the stalemate" over his exile from the Tory Party.

The Monmouth AM's lawyers had earlier told the South Wales Argus that their client had been offered no explanation for his suspension.

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On January 31, a High Court judge ordered Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Mr Davies to lift Mr Ramsay's suspension, pending a full legal hearing on the matter in February.

That hearing will not go ahead following the resolution of the legal dispute between the two AMs.

"I have been exonerated by the court and I simply do not wish to comment on the resolution," Mr Ramsay said. "However, I would very much like to thank all those members of the Assembly, from all sides, who have been so supportive over the last month."

Mr Ramsay also thanked his legal team – Tim Gir of Sanders Witherspoon LLP, barrister Phillip Williams of 33 Bedford Row, and David Lock QC of Landmark Chambers.

"I am now fully reinstated as a full member of the Conservative group," he added. "I look forward to working with my colleagues, representing my constituents, and to continue holding the Welsh Government to account.

"I have no doubt that we will now wish to focus on the interests of our constituents, those of the group as a whole, and the people of Wales."