Blaenau Gwent council “accepts” the findings of the Welsh Audit Office (WAO) that the council has made “limited progress” in addressing previous recommendations to protect children from harm.

Corporate safeguarding of children is reviewed by the WAO and ensures that the council leads by example by raising their standards.

This can be done by providing protection, education, management and support to members of staff.

But a report from the WAO says: “The Council made limited progress in addressing our previous recommendations and proposals for improvement and safeguarding arrangements are not consistent enough to provide assurance across all areas.”

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council’s corporate overview scrutiny committee reviewed the WAO's findings that the council does not include safeguarding in its corporate risk register, which documents any potential threats to the council.

They also found that safeguarding arrangements primarily focused on education and social services rather than across all departments and concluded that the council needs to “urgently strengthen oversight and assurance of corporate safeguarding arrangements.”


A council spokesman said: “The wellbeing and safety of children is a key priority for the Council and safeguarding policies are in place to ensure this.

“Blaenau Gwent council accepts the findings of the Wales Audit Office (WAO) review of its corporate safeguarding arrangements and will work to strengthen them further.

“The council’s corporate overview scrutiny committee welcomes and supports the council’s detailed corporate plan to address the safeguarding priorities raised by WAO over the next 12 months.”

The report will be presented to the executive committee and the audit committee.

There will also be a six-monthly review of the progress of the management response.