A NEWPORT couple who embarked on a joint weight loss quest 16 months ago, have shed seven stones between them.

David Allman, who went from 16st 7lb to 13st 11lb, and Caroline Allman, who went from 16st 11lb to 12st 7lb, proved that the support of a loved one when trying to lose weight is an important factor.

The couple, who have been together for 36 years, said their friends cannot believe how much fitter and younger they look and as a result some of them have also joined Slimming World.

Mr And Mrs Allman joined the Underwood Slimming World group in October 2018 as they began their weight loss journey.

Mrs Allman’s weight had fluctuated throughout her life and as a couple they had started to rely on quick and easy food through busy periods of their life, about 14 years ago.

South Wales Argus:

Caroline Allman after her weight loss and right, before

South Wales Argus:

David Allman after his weight loss and right, before

“The final straw was when Dave was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my health was generally suffering,” she said.

Today, it is a different story as Mr Allman is now running at the gym up to five kilometres, and Mrs Allman swims 30 lengths of the pool. Together they enjoy walking the dogs twice a day.

Mrs Allman said: “I have tried many other weight loss methods, none of them worked. The meals we make with Slimming World recipes are delicious and staying to an amazing group encourages us every week”.

South Wales Argus:

Mr and Mrs Allman

The couple are both made simple changes to the way they cooked their favourite meals, like changing from oven chips to making their own. They are both at their target weight, but still go to the group in Underwood every week.


To mark St Valentine's Day today, the couple will be enjoying one of their favourite meal - hunters’ chicken with Slimming World chips.

Sian Nicolas, who runs the Slimming World group in Underwood, said: “Staying on track with your weight loss is easier when you have someone else doing it with you, as you can keep each other focused and support each other at home”.

For information about the Underwood Slimming World group - at Underwood Community Free Church every Wednesday at 6pm or Thursday at 9.30am - contact Sian on 07869 454343.