SHOCKING pictures from a new housing estate in Newport show just how close a family came to disaster when the surging River Ebbw caused the entire river bank to crumble away.

Leigh and Simone Adams live on Troed-y-Gaer Road in the new Carnegie Court estate in Bassaleg.

They were among the first to move into the development, around 18 months ago.

South Wales Argus:

They were alerted to potential danger by a neighbour knocking on their front door at 6am this morning.

"They told us to come outside, and we saw the bank slowly collapsing," said Mr Adams.

"We were aware of the river breaking down the bank on the opposite side before, but not our side.

"I had even commented on a social media post saying: ‘it won’t happen over here’."

South Wales Argus:

(Before and after Storm Dennis hit)

The family lost roughly 25 feet of land to the river.

"The river bank has just gone, right down to the foundations," explained Mr Adams.

"It took some of the patio, a substantial tree, most of the hedge.

"Also scaffolding, which had been put up as we were due to have our solar panels put in today. The scaffolding went off down the river."

South Wales Argus:

(Picture: Gemma Owen)

Mr Adams explained how he had rushed, "in a haze, in a state of shock", to get his seven-year-old daughter out of the house as he watched the ground crumble towards his back door.

"We told her ‘we have to get out now’," he said.

"It was obviously distressing.

"We're all in a state of shock."

However, Mr and Mrs Adams were quick to praise the community spirit of their neighbours, who had "rallied around in true British fashion".

South Wales Argus:

Mrs Adams said that she had been receiving text messages and social media messages almost constantly since the news had spread throughout the estate and had been inundated with offers of help.

Mr Adams explained that he won’t be moving the family back until a professional survey has taken place.

"We’ve stayed with a friend and we’re now booked into a hotel," he said.

South Wales Argus:

"We have been promised daily updates from Redrow on the investigation and I have to believe they will do the right thing. I’m sure that they will."

He explained that the housing firm had been down to visit the scene already to take pictures and assess the situation.

Carnegie Court is a Redrow development with house prices starting from £358,995.


According to residents, flood defences were installed as part of the development.

Emma Morris, head of customer services at Redrow South Wales, said: "We can confirm that as a result of Storm Dennis two properties at our Carnegie Court development in Basseleg, South Wales were affected by nearby flooding.

South Wales Argus:

"Following heavy rainfall throughout the weekend, the River Ebbw that runs adjacent to the site burst its banks, with the water reaching the edge of the two properties. "The flood defences that were put in place during the development build performed as intended and successfully prevented any water from entering the homes in question.

"With the potential for further rainfall in the coming days we will continue to liaise with local residents and closely monitor the situation."

Storm Dennis has wreaked havoc across Gwent this weekend, with many roads becoming impassible.

With the situation set to continue, keep up to date with the latest information with the Argus' live blog.