A SEVERE 'danger to life' flood alert has been declared by Natural Resources Wales for Monmouth.

Monmouthshire County Council said: "Due to unprecedented river levels on the Wye and the Monnow that will peak in the early hours of the morning (February 18), all emergency services are engaged."

It comes as the region has been devastated by Storm Dennis over the weekend.

Monmouth saw swathes of land flooded on Sunday - with many roads and houses still underwater today.

The council also said it is prioritising sandbagging efforts for properties near the River Wye, and is expecting water levels to rise further over the next few hours.

On Twitter, the council posted: "The river is a dangerous place and we advise everyone to keep a safe distance over the next few days (and particularly tonight)."

This is what to do if you're at risk, from Natural Resources Wales

  • stay in a safe place with a means of escape
  • be ready to leave your home
  • cooperate with the emergency services
  • call 999 if you are in immediate danger

South Wales Argus:

(The area covered by the severe flood warning. Picture: Natrual Resources Wales.)

Details on water levels from NRW

At 6:30 PM, the level at Monmouth was 6.39 metres and rising. A peak level of approximately 7.2 metres is expected to occur between 3 and 8 AM on Tuesday morning. The rowing club underpass gates have been closed. The level at Grosmont was 1.33 metres and falling. A peak level of 4.6 metres occurred at 7 AM on Sunday.

Monmouthshire council added: "We have established a rest centre at Shire Hall which is available to anybody displaced from their home and staff are there to help you.

"We anticipate that Riverside Park, Hadnock Road, Redbrook Road, Beech Road and Wyesham Road are areas in which to be particularly vigilant."