PEOPLE are being warned against trying to cross the A40 dual carriageway in and out of Monmouth.

Monmouthshire County Council has issued a warning on its Facebook page after receiving reports of people trying to cross, because the underpass near the rowing club is flooded.

"PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS, It's incredibly dangerous and puts people's safety at risk", the council is urging.

The River Wye reached its highest ever level at Monmouth earlier this morning, and remains very high, with several local roads affected. here is a quick update:

  • One lane is closed and traffic is very slow due to parked vehicles on the A40 dual carriageway, southbound from Dixton Road (Dixton Roundabout) to the traffic lights by the Wye Bridge (A466). Lane one is closed because multiple vehicles are parked up attending to the problems at the Wye Bridge.
  • The A40 is currently closed both ways due to flooding between the Dixton roundabout at Monmouth and the Wilton roundabout outside Ross-on-Wye, due to flooding.
  • The B4233 Rockfield Road between Rockfield and Monmouth is currently closed due to flooding;
  • The B4293 Beach Road Underpass between Mitchel Troy Recycling Centre and the link road is closed;
  • Old Dixton Road is closed both ways between the Old Nags Head pub and Monmouth Leisure Centre;
  • Hadnock Road is closed all the way along due to flooding.
  • The Wye Bridge is closed both ways due to the elevated height of the river, from the traffic lights on the A40 to the A4136.
  • The A40 and linked closures are causing congestion problems on surrounding roads, notably the A466 in and out of Monmouth. Problems are particularly severe both ways around Mansons Cross and Buckholt, north of Monmouth.