UPDATE 4.08PM: Welsh Water have re-iterated the below advice as they are still unable to access the site.


RESIDENTS and businesses in flood-hit Monmouth are being asked to limit their use of water until further notice, because the town's water treatment works has been damaged.

The plant, at Mayhill, Monmouth, is flooded and without power, and there is only a limited amount of drinking water available.

“Due to the unprecedented flooding in the Monmouth area, we are unable to access our water treatment works in Mayhill, Monmouth," said a spokesman for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.

" Despite the measures we put in place, the site has flooded and there is currently no power at the site.

“As a result, we have limited storage of drinking water until we’re able to access and restart the treatment works.

"We are therefore asking customers in Monmouth Town, Osbaston, Wyesham, Manson, Overmonnow, The Kymin and Kings Fee to reduce their water use until further notice. Reducing water use now will ensure that we can restore full supplies as quickly as possible once we can access our site.

“We have been maintaining water supplies using tankers to put more water into our network in the area. This is continuing but due to severe flooding and road closures, it is proving exceptionally difficult to move around the area. Our teams have been working overnight and continue to do their utmost to ensure supplies to customers.

“We also have bottled water in the area should we lose supply. However, again, due to the flooding, we are having trouble getting the lorries into Monmouth itself. We will post updates (including bottled water locations) on social media and our website over the coming hours.

“Customers in vulnerable circumstances - such as the elderly, infirm or with young children - will be prioritised for bottled water, if needed.

"Such customers should contact us on 0800 05200130 or via social media - Twitter: @dwrcymru or on Facebook - to request bottled water if they are not already registered on our priority services register.

“We would like to assure customers that we are working hard to maintain water supplies to the area for as long as possible and, in the event that the supply is interrupted, will we restore is as quickly as possible.

“We will post regular updates on our website and social media.”