THIS is the adorable video of a budding journalist reporting from the floods in Monmouthshire, capturing the town's plucky attitude to the devastation caused by Storm Dennis. 

Alice Gardner Roberts, 8, was filmed by her mother, Rachel Roberts.

Monmouth has been left devastated by Storm Dennis, with rising river levels seeing homes and roads submerged in water.

And Alice’s grandparents, who live in Yorkshire, wanted “news updates”, her mother explained.

“We live here, and we can see it all going on,” Ms Roberts said.

“Our family live up country, so they wanted some news updates.”

Alice, who goes to Kymin View Primary, “loves stories”, her mother said.

“She is very interested in that (journalism).”

Both are from Wyesham, but have managed to escape the floods.

“We are on a hill, so quite fortunate really.

“We are not directly affected.”

Alice and her friend Phoenix Rowe, 9, also made cupcakes to take the emergency workers.

South Wales Argus:

(Alice with her friend Phoenix Rowe. They both made cupcakes to give to the emergency workers.)

Storm Dennis Monmouth stories:

Two severe ‘danger to life’ flood alerts issued by Natural Resources Wales are still in place, with extensive flooding throughout the area.

And residents were asked to conserve their water-use after damaged was sustained to water works.

A plant was flooded and without power, and there is only a limited amount of drinking water available.

“Due to the unprecedented flooding in the Monmouth area, we are unable to access our water treatment works in Mayhill, Monmouth," said a spokesman for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.

" Despite the measures we put in place, the site has flooded and there is currently no power at the site.

“As a result, we have limited storage of drinking water until we’re able to access and restart the treatment works.”