MORE than 50 workers are set to lose their jobs in a fresh wave of cuts at the EnerSys battery factory in Newport, the South Wales Argus understands.

Sources at the factory said the workforce was informed yesterday that the firm would be making another round of cuts.

Last month, EnerSys let go 82 workers with less than two years' experience, in a manner the Unite trade union called "disgraceful".

One worker at the Newport factory, who wished to remain anonymous, said the latest round of cuts would affect shopfloor workers and office staff.

He said staff had been told there was a "lack of work", a claim he disputed.

"The mood hasn't been very good," he added.

"Nobody knows who's going.

"A lot of people have got families, children, and mortgages - it's just not on."


The Argus understands 54-56 jobs are on the line.

Following January's job losses, the Unite union said it would support the EnerSys workers "in every way that we can".

Dave Gunter, of Unite, said at the time the firm had treated its staff with "total disregard".

Unite has been contacted for comment on reports of fresh job losses at the factory.

EnerSys has also been contacted for comment.