HOME secretary Priti Patel has announced government plans to introduce a “points-based” post-Brexit immigration system.

The salary threshold for skilled workers wanting to come to the UK would be no less than £25,600 – any less and they won’t be issued a visa.

But the government did say that threshold would be as low as £20,480 for people in specific shortage occupations.

This currently includes nursing, civil engineering, psychology and classical ballet dancing – or those with PhDs relevant to specific jobs.

A 10-page brieif document oulined this new policy. It stated that UK borders will be closed to 'non-skilled' workers.

Here is a list of jobs deemed ‘non-skilled’ because they are below the £25,600 threshold.

1. Carer - £17,728

The average salary for a carer is £17,728, according to glassdoor, a job-search website.

There is currently a shortage of social carers in the UK, with one in every 11 posts unfilled.

2. Radiograher - £23,032

Radiographers use x-ray and ultrasound machines, as well as other forms of imaging technology to look inside a patient’s body and find out what’s causing their illness.

The starting salary for a radiographer in the NHS is £23,032.

3. Paramedics - £24,214 

The starting salary for paramedics in the NHS is £24,214.

A selection of what paramedics do:

  • resuscitate and stabilise patients
  • use high-tech equipment, such as a defibrillator
  • apply spinal and traction splints
  • administer intravenous drips, drugs and oxygen.

4. Waiter, waitresses, hospitality - £21,000

The average salary for those working in hospitality is £21,00, according to jobs search website Total Jobs.

5. Construction worker - £22,344

The base average pay for construction workers in the UK is £22,344, according to jobs search website glassdoor.


6. Midwife – £23,023

The starting salary for a midwife in the NHS is £23,023.

A midwife’s responsibilities:

  • monitor and examine women during pregnancy
  • develop, assess and evaluate individual programmes of care
  • provide full antenatal care, including screening tests in the hospital, community and the home
  • identify high risk pregnancies and make referrals to doctors and other medical specialists
  • arrange and provide parenting and health education
  • provide counselling and advice before and after screening and tests
  • offer support and advice following events such as miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, neonatal abnormality and neonatal death
  • supervise and assist mothers in labour, monitoring the condition of the foetus and applying knowledge of drugs and pain management

7. Marketing - £18,000

Starting salaries for marketing executives can range between £18,000 -£22,000 according to Graduate Prospects, a website for graduates looking for jobs.

8. Journalist – £19,950

The starting salary for a journalist in the UK varies, but jobs salary checker PayScale estimate the average to be £19,950.