"OPPORTUNISTIC" rogue callers are targeting homes affected by flooding following the devastating impact of Storm Dennis.

Homes have been left uninhabitable throughout south Wales after heavy rain saw extreme flooding in the region.

And as homeowners begin to piece their lives back together, "opportunistic" rogue callers are targeting them.

The callers are offering to help homeowners with their insurance claims, says Blaenau Gwent County Council.

The council said they had received "reports of opportunistic rogue callers".

If a rogue caller visits your home purporting to help with insurance, always contact your insurer - via telephone or webchat - for advice before agreeing to anything.

A spokesman for the council said: "If you have been affected by storm damage or flooding we recommend you contact your insurer for advice on how to make a claim and get the repairs carried out, or alternatively get three quotes for the work from tradespeople who have been recommended to you by family or friends.

"If you are agreeing a contract in your home you should be provided with a written contract which details the work to be carried out and the cost along with the details of the trader who is carrying out the work for you. You should also be given 14 days to cancel the contract unless it is an emergency repair."


If you have been targeted by rogue traders or would like further advice, you can contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08082231133 who will pass your information to the Trading Standards and provide you with the relevant advice.

What are rogue callers? From Gwent Police:

"Has anyone ever knocked your door trying to sell you goods or services? Many honest businesses use this technique – but so do fraudsters.

"Rogue Traders often appear to be highly professional. They can have printed leaflets and vehicles branded with their company name, making you think they are legitimate. Don’t be fooled - they are criminals."

How to protect yourself against rogue traders and bogus callers (Gwent Police):

  • Only use businesses that have been recommended to you by a trusted friend or family member and you can see examples of their work
  • Ask for quotes in writing and then follow up by getting another three quotes from independent traders to check that the price quoted is accurate
  • Get the address of their company. If possible, visit the premises to check that it exists
  • Don’t be fooled by someone who say that they are just working up the street or that they have done work for your neighbour. Some people say this to gain your trust. Ask for specific examples and then follow up to check if what they have said is true
  • If someone calls at your home trying to sell you something, don’t let them in and always ask for ID
  • Many streets in Gwent are now ‘no cold calling zones’. Talk to the Trading Standards Team in your local council for more information.