PEOPLE affected by flooding in their homes or businesses have been given important advice as the Storm Dennis clean-up begins.

Monmouthshire County Council said flooding carried many dangers, such as contamination and the risk of debris, as water levels receded.

“As we begin to move into the recovery operation of these dreadful floods, it’s important residents and businesses take the advice we’ve issued, to ensure they keep themselves safe and reduce the risk of other potential issues such as the spread of disease," Monmouthshire's council leader Peter Fox said. "There is plenty of advice available and I would encourage everyone to heed the warnings issued.”


The council issued the following advice to anyone whose property has been affected by flooding:

  • The single most effective way of preventing infection is to wash your hands after handling anything that has been in contact with floodwater, sludge, or silt.
  • If using a pressure washer to clean, use face masks to prevent inhalation of aerosols.
  • Dead rodents should be handled using rubber gloves and disposed of in secure plastic bags.
  • Remove soft furnishings and fittings that are damaged and beyond repair.
  • Remove as much silt and dirty water as possible.
  • Wash down all surfaces with hot soapy water until they are visibly clean.
  • Food preparation areas, food cupboards, and refrigerators should be cleaned with hot soapy water then disinfected using bleach.
  • Dispose of any wooden boards and utensils.
  • Dispose of all contaminated food, included anything defrosted.
  • Allow all surfaces to dry – this will also help kill germs.
  • Use the council's waste and recycling centres to dispose of any items that might have been damaged in the floods.

Residents can contact Monmouthshire County Council’s Environmental Health team online for further advice at