THE leader of the Welsh Conservatives will pay £40,000 in legal costs as part of the court settlement with Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay.

Paul Davies will also pay a nominal damages fee of £2 to Mr Ramsay, according to a High Court order.

The Monmouth AM began legal proceedings against Mr Davies after being suspended from the Welsh Conservatives in January.


"[Mr Davies] acted in breach of the terms of contract between the parties when [he] purported to suspend [Mr Ramsay]," the High Court order adjudged. "[Mr Ramsay] was never lawfully suspended from the group."

Mr Ramsay was suspended from the party group following his arrest, at his home, on New Year's Day.

Gwent Police released the AM the following day, saying they would take no further action.

But Mr Ramsay's suspension remained in place for reasons that had not been disclosed to him, his legal team told the Argus on January 24.

A High Court judge lifted the suspension a week later, pending a civil trial in February.

But the Monmouth AM's legal action against Mr Davies ended last week following the resolution of their dispute, and Mr Ramsay said he had been "fully reinstated" by the party.

"I look forward to working with my colleagues, representing my constituents, and to continue holding the Welsh Government to account," he said in a statement on February 14. "I have no doubt that we will now wish to focus on the interests of our constituents, those of the group as a whole, and the people of Wales."

Neither Mr Ramsay nor Mr Davies wished to comment on the details of the High Court order.