A BUSINESSWOMAN thrust a glass into her boyfriend’s face after he threw white wine over her during a heavy drinking session at her home.

Victoria Burton, 44, from Newport, caused her now ex-partner serious injuries following a blazing row during their short but “toxic” relationship.

The defendant walked free from court after she was handed a suspended jail sentence because the judge said there were mitigating factors in her case.


James Evans, prosecuting, said: “The two were in a short relationship that appears to have been turbulent.

“On January 12 they had been for a walk and an argument had broken out. Both returned home and were drinking when the defendant tried to take a wine glass off him.

“She was shouting at him and he threw the glass over her. She took the glass from him, driving it into his face.

“It was intact, but it broke on contact and caused the victim quite severe lacerations.

“She was apologetic and tried to stem the flow of blood.”

The complainant needed stitches for his injuries, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Mr Evans read part of his victim impact statement in which he said: “He was worried he would be scarred for life.”

The prosecutor said there was no update as to his injuries.

Burton, of Brynglas Avenue, pleaded guilty to causing her victim actual bodily harm.

She had no previous convictions.

Mr Evans added: “This is clearly a serious injury for an ABH and she has used a weapon.”

Rachel Adams, mitigating, said: “There is clear remorse as was shown when she tried to clean the wound.

“It was an isolated incident and she has taken steps to tackle her alcohol consumption.

“They were both drinkers and this was a toxic relationship. This relationship is now over.”

The court heard how the defendant runs a business with her daughter.

Judge Nicola Jones told Burton she was able to suspend her jail sentence because of her previous good character, remorse and prospect of rehabilitation.

She said: “The pair of you were significantly inebriated.”

Burton was jailed for 12 months, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to undertake a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

She was ordered to pay £420 costs and a £149 surcharge.