A CELEBRATION of International Women’s Day arrived at the Riverfront in Newport on Saturday. 

Events including history talks, panel discussions, print making, and many more were put on as part of a day’s recognition of Newport’s place as a city of powerful females.

The events will continue into Sunday as part of a jam-packed rota. 

Organiser and Community and Arts Developer at the Riverfront, Sally-Anne Evans, was thrilled to see so many new faces at the event and spoke about the importance of International Women’s Day.

“We wanted to put on great events, but we are pleased we’ve been able to strike a balance with the issues at the heart of women’s empowerment as well.

South Wales Argus:

“We’ve had the leader of the council here speaking about the gender pay gap, for example, but we wanted to make sure the event was applicable to everyone by making it fun with a broad mix of people and activities.

“It’s fantastic because every year it builds up and now it has become part of the calendar.

“I love it when I get people calling and asking what they can get involved in. It wouldn’t work unless people were engaged.”

South Wales Argus:

Linda Sims, part of the Nu-Wave dance group which performed at the event, said the group dances for women’s empowerment, and explained the group’s role in helping women.

“We have been dancing for eight years and we’re very grateful that we get to perform here.


“It epitomises what we are about; no elimination of anyone. This event is completely inclusive and supportive of all women, and that’s what we are too.”

Nu-Wave’s members range from 63 years old to 76, and Ms Sims explained why the group has been so important to many women.

“As you get older you lose your confidence. We encourage older ladies to get into something new, keep fit and gain confidence.

South Wales Argus: NuWave membersNuWave members

“It gives us strength, and we’re all motivated by what we are seeing here today. There is a real feel-good factor.”

Jane Dorsett, who organised part of the arts and crafts workshop at the event, took some time out of her popular rug design stall to chat about her work and the event.

“Ever since I was a child I grew up where my mother had a sewing machine and made dresses.

“I wanted to do the same but also wanted to do it in a way that helped the environment. So rather than throwing clothes away, I make rugs out of them.

South Wales Argus: Jane DorsettJane Dorsett

“It’s lovely to be able to come here and network with other creative women and celebrate that power. And I’ve seen so many new faces this time around.”

South Wales Argus: Jane MuddJane Mudd

After opening the event where she spoke about the issues women still face in society, Leader of the Council Jane Mudd said: “I’m so pleased to be here to hear women’s stories of empowerment, from very young women to older women.

 “It’s a celebration of us all in Newport, but it is also important to recognise that there is still work to do.”