A NEWPORT woman is has hit out at the council after a neighbouring house fell into disrepair - leading to an infestation of rats.

Karen Hanratty, who lives in Melfort Gardens in the Gaer area of the city, said that the property next door to hers had fallen into a sorry state since its last occupant, an elderly person, moved into a nursing home two years ago.

"The whole garden is full of rubbish," she said.

As a result, she said, vermin have been attracted to the site.

The rats were initially confined to Mrs Hanratty's garden and representatives from Newport City Council visited the property at her request.

"Blocks were put down by the shed to stop the rats from coming out," she said.


However, this mitigation was ineffective as, when Mrs Hanratty returned home one day the blocks had been taken.

Now the problem has worsened as the rats have got into Mrs Hanratty's house. She said she is worried about the potential danger to health.

"Last year my cat was bitten by a rat and it cost us a lot of money in vet fees," she said. "Nothing has been done.

"I've called the council multiple times to come and sort it.

"I keep getting fobbed off.

"I've been told it could take up to six to eight weeks to get sorted."

Newport City Council said in a statement: "This is a private house and the owner is responsible for keeping their land free from rats.

"An enforcement notice was served by the council in relation to this requirement but, as it has not been complied with, further action is being considered."