THIEVES broke into a Newport rugby club last night, stealing virtually all of the bar stock.

The theft left everyone at St Julians HSOB RFC, based in Glebelands Park, shocked. Club secretary Gordon Thomas said the stolen goods were worth at least £1,000.

The culprits broke in by prising open the clubhouse's cellar door after removing the metal security shutters.

They made off with several beer kegs and the club's entire stock of unopened spirits. They also stole packs of soft drinks, crisps, and chocolate.


"They haven't left us with a lot," Mr Thomas said. "It's bitterly disappointing."

He said the break-in must have happened between 8pm yesterday and 6am today (Friday).

Nothing else in the clubhouse was damaged or stolen.

The club had been alerted to the incident by a passer-by who noticed the cellar door wide open.

Mr Thomas said there had been signs of an attempted break-in 24 hours before, when a crowbar and other tools were found abandoned outside the cellar door.

He believes the thieves may now try to re-sell the stolen stock.

"Unless they have the specific equipment [to connect the barrels to the pumps], there's no point in taking them," he said.

Mr Thomas called the break-in "desperately disappointing", especially at a time when St Julians HSOB RFC – like so many other grassroots sports clubs – is facing uncertainty over the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The clubhouse has now been secured, though there are no current plans to re-stock the cellar, he said.

Gwent Police has been contacted for comment.