WE HAVE all seen some truly awful parking. 

Whether it is drivers taking up two parking bays, leaving just inches between other vehicles when parallel parking or mounting the whole side-walk, we have all encountered woeful parking at some point. 

(Of course, sometimes those parked in disabled spaces need to use two bays and we haven't included any such examples.)

And we've collated your pictures of some of those dodgy drivers

Newport, Maindee

South Wales Argus:

'Parking outside Summerhill Older People’s complex in Albert Ave Maindee, Newport. Completely blocking the emergency vehicle access.'


South Wales Argus:

'Car completely blocking pavement during the school run in Magor.'

Location - unkown 

South Wales Argus:

'Double parked on yellow lines and parked on a junction on a pavement.' 


South Wales Argus:

'Parents who think it's acceptable to park on the pavement outside a nursery on Station Road in Pontnewydd, happens on a daily basis.'

Location - uknown 

South Wales Argus:

Upper Dock Street, Newport

South Wales Argus:


South Wales Argus:

Morrisons, Cwmbran

South Wales Argus:

'Morrisons, Cwmbran - plenty of car spaces and got to park half in bay and half on white lines near a zebra crossing.'

Royal Gwent, Newport

South Wales Argus:

'Royal Gwent Hospital oveflow car park - this car is parked behind a double row of cars blocking two in.'

A serial offender

South Wales Argus:

'This person constantly parking on pavements, at junctions, blocking dropped kerbs near the car park of the Civic Centre (Newport).'

Beechfield Avenue, Newport

South Wales Argus:

'Parked on Beechfield Avenue like this for a few days running.'

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