A DISUSED dual carriageway near Newport remains a hotspot for fly-tipping despite lockable barriers having been installed to combat the problem.

The section of road just off the A48 near Coedkernew, nearly half a mile long, was built in the 1990s to link up with the since-scrapped M4 relief road – but was never used.

Although traffic has never used the road, judging by a video taken by Gwent resident Gavin Hyatt, the road has been subsequently used as a dumping ground.

Items as varied as concrete fence posts, white goods and mountains of car tyres litter the now bleak landscape and, according to Mr Hyatt, have done for some time.

"Vehicular access has been blocked off but the site is an absolute disgrace," he said.

"In my opinion there has been no attempt to remove the waste that is already there."


Mr Hyatt decided to record what he saw as he walked the stretch of road recently.

"It has years worth of fly-tipping like you have never seen before," he said.

"I would guess probably in excess of a couple of thousand tons of rubbish.

"Newport City Council have taken action to limit further tipping, but they are clearly burying their heads in the sand regarding clearing up the awful mess which is still there."

The Argus previously reported on problems with vermin infestation at the site back in 2017. At the time Newport council said it “shares the concerns” of residents.

Fly-tipping should be reported to the relevant local authority.