PRINCE Charles, the Prince of Wales, has the coronavirus after being tested by NHS Scotland.

Charles, 71, was tested in Aberdeenshire on Monday, March 23.

A Clarence House spokesman said: “The tests were carried out by the NHS in Aberdeenshire where they met the criteria required for testing.

“He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual."

However, NHS Scotland website states that testing for Covid-19 will only be carried out "if you have a serious illness that requires admission to hospital".

And people on social media are taking issue with the fact he was tested.

One person wrote on Twitter: "I read that Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus at the exact time my mother, a nurse, gets back from a 12-hour night shift at her hospice.

"Nice the monarchy gets tested. But how about my mum? On the frontline, looking after our loved ones in their final hours."

And another person raised the same point. 

And TV presenter Piers Morgan wrote: "I don't begrudge Prince Charles & Camilla having COV-19 tests given he is the heir to the throne.

"But there are legitimate questions to be asked about why members of the royal family can instantly get them but NHS workers can't."

Sonia Poulton said she was "tired of disparities". 

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While another wrote: "As with everyone who has #COVID19, wishing Prince Charles a speedy recovery.

"But it’s perfectly legitimate to question why he & advisors thought it wasn’t reckless to decamp to Balmoral this past weekend, at a time when Scottish govt advice (or common sense) said otherwise."

Another wrote: "I wish Prince Charles a speedy recovery & hope everyone else displaying ‘mild symptoms’ gets the Coronavirus test as quickly as he did."