A GROUP of Newport businesses have joined together to bring food to the vulnerable members of society during the 'lockdown'.

Paprika Indian Takeaway, King Kebab and N&B Cash and Carry are appealing for volunteers to help deliver meals to vulnerable people in the city - including elderly people and the homeless.

"The food be provided totally free of charge, on Thursday, March 26 from 1pm to 5pm," said one of the organisers Shaz Miah.

"There will be a limit of two meals per household.

"The meal provided will be a chicken biriani cooked with fresh vegetables garnished in medium spice - a very tasteful dish."




Mr Miah said that the initiative had already received an "overwhelming response from the community at large".

"We decided to do this for two reasons," he said.

"Firstly, this is a national crisis which affects everyone especially the vulnerable people.

"We have vulnerable people in all communities despite race, colour religion, creed and so this effort brings everyone closer.

"Secondly, the organisers and businesses are from the Muslim community, and we want to help people from other communities to show Islam in a positive light.

"In difficult times we all need to support each other regardless of religion and efforts like this will strengthen the community bond."

To get involved, contact Shaz Miah on 07970 752985.