NHS staff across the region are working tirelessly during the coronavirus pandemic to keep as many people safe as they possibly can.

With that in mind, we have received messages of support from Newport's AMs, MPs, Newport City Council and the health board to pass on to our NHS workers.

South Wales Argus:

Judith Paget, Chief Executive of Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, said: “Our hardworking NHS staff are continuing to show outstanding patient care, courage and dedication in the face of this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic.

“I am seeing and hearing about so many examples of compassion, skill, determination and heroism that make me feel humbled and proud to lead this Health Board.

“This pandemic is significantly disrupting our NHS services, but all our staff are rising to the challenge and are making sure we continue to deliver safe and effective care.

“We are grateful for all the messages of support from the public – but I would like to stress that the best way people can thank our staff is to listen to the advice from the UK and Welsh governments to prevent the further spread of this virus. This will reduce the strain on our NHS and save lives.”

South Wales Argus:

Councillor Jane Mudd, Leader of Newport City Council, said: “All those involved in dealing with this outbreak, and those making sure people can get essential services and supplies, deserve our deepest gratitude.

“We know we are fortunate to have a national health service and their dedicated and committed medical and support staff are working tirelessly and selflessly under the most difficult conditions. They are true heroes.

“They are not alone in putting others before themselves during this crisis - council staff, care homes, third sector organisations, shop workers, delivery drivers and many more, are under considerable pressure. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to support them as they carry out their vital work during this crisis.”

South Wales Argus:

John Griffiths, AM for Newport East, said: “Our NHS staff at the Royal Gwent and across Newport are doing a tremendous job in very challenging conditions. I want to offer them my heartfelt thanks for everything they are doing and if there is anything I and my office can do further to help, we of course will.

“We will only keep people safe, which includes our NHS workers, by working together and following the strict guidance including that on social isolation and distancing outlined by the experts at Welsh Government, Public Health Wales and other organisations.”

South Wales Argus:

Jayne Bryant, AM for Newport West, said: "Every one of us will have a relative, friend or neighbour who works in our NHS. Whether they are Nurses, Doctors, Cleaners, Midwives, Support Workers or Administrators, all of them are on the frontline of the biggest crisis we have seen in a generation. They all deserve our heartfelt thanks and unwavering support. 

"We must remember that the staff are putting themselves at risk so that we can stay safe.  They are doing so with the humility, humour and determination that personifies everything we love about our National Health Service.  

"In the coming weeks and months, please remember the hard work they are doing and support them in whatever way you can. Whether it is picking up some supplies or just a quick text or phone call to check if they are ok, the smallest of gestures can go a long way and remind people that they are truly valued and appreciated. To all our staff: thank you so much for all you do.”

South Wales Argus:

Jessica Morden, MP for Newport East, said: "Our NHS staff make extraordinary sacrifices for us all year round, and never more so than during the current pandemic which has placed an unprecedented strain on all our public services. We owe all our NHS workers a debt of gratitude for their bravery, dedication and unwavering commitment to looking after us all during this uncertain and hugely challenging time."

South Wales Argus:

Ruth Jones, MP for Newport West, said: "I am full of admiration for the NHS and social care staff who are continuing to do their job so diligently.

"We need to show our appreciation in so many ways and one way would to be be considerate shoppers so that there is enough food left on the shelves for our health workers at the end of another exhausting shift.
"I know how hard they work all year round and at this particular time during the Covid 19 crisis all the teams are pulling together to ensure that each and every patient gets the best possible care and attention. I thank them all."

The Argus also recently published a selection of your comments which were sent to us in their hundreds, offering support and well wishes to NHS staff.