A NEW zero-waste food shop is heading to Monmouthshire, though the opening has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wye Weight, an eco-friendly store, is coming to Monnow Street in Monmouth, and will be providing residents with the chance to do almost their entire household shopping without the need for disposable packaging.

The shop - which had been due to open soon - will have a wide variety of goods, from dried goods to fresh produce, oils and vinegars, nuts and cereals, as well as cleaning products.

Alongside providing a range of waste-free food, Wye Weight is putting a strong focus on buying local produce wherever possible.

Owner Wendy Watkins explained how she thinks the store can help other independent locals in the area.

“Opening a zero-waste shop in these unprecedented times is going to be a challenge,” she said.


“But I truly believe that through supporting local businesses, and by putting their produce in front of customers, we will help save some small businesses.

“Consumers can bring their own containers, or we can provide them.

“They then weigh them and pick from a range of foods in gravity dispensers and scoop bins. They will then weigh the full containers again to see how much they are buying.”

The approach is perfect for those watching the pennies or buying in bulk as customers can choose the exact quantity they need instead of being regulated by supermarkets pre-determined quantities.

For those who would prefer not to shop in store, an online click and collect system will be available, as well as a temporary delivery option to allow customers to adhere to government advice on coronavirus.

The store is currently carrying out a Crowdfunding campaign through Nat West which will ensure Wye Weight can offer a varied product range from day one, helping you quit plastic sooner.

Support from the community is essential to the store's successful opening. There are a range of rewards available in return for support, including in store discounts and participation in reforestation programmes.

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