A PAIR of kind-hearted siblings are offering a flat in a prime Newport location to NHS workers who may have someone vulnerable living at home - for just £1.

Rachel and Rhydian James own the flat, which is within walking distance of both the Royal Gwent and St Woolos Hospitals in Newport.

Miss James said: “Our tenant moved out and instead of using it for our own benefit by getting a new, paying, tenant, we thought we’d like to be able to give something back to those who are putting their lives at risk for us.”


The pair are offering the flat for £1 so that they are able to draft a temporary tenancy agreement. Mr James is a lawyer so is able to do the agreement without the costs involved.

The tenancy would be for as long as it is needed.

Any NHS workers who are interested in this lovely offer can contact Miss James through Facebook.

Also, if anyone has any spare furniture that they would be willing to donate, can they contact Miss James.