A ROGUE driver who racked up his 19th conviction for getting behind the wheel whilst disqualified has been jailed and banned for a further five years.

Colin John Niblett, 39, from Newport, was homeless and living with his partner in a minibus when he was caught yet again flouting the law.

Mike Powell, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was driving a minibus on January 5 and made contemporaneous admissions at the scene to the police to the fact that he was a disqualified driver.


“He told officers that he had been banned for around three years.”

Cardiff Magistrates’ Court heard how Niblett had been jailed for dangerous driving in 2016 and had more recent road traffic convictions.

Mr Powell said the defendant was convicted of separate offences of driving whilst disqualified and drug-driving in 2018.

Niblett, formerly of Bridge Street, pleaded guilty to driving whilst disqualified and driving with no insurance on the A468 Caerphilly Road in Newport.

Scott Bowen, mitigating, said: “Ironically, it was the police who asked him to move along. “He’s aware of his record. The defendant was homeless at the time, living in the van with his partner.

“The vehicle belonged to his mother-in-law.”

His lawyer asked the court to consider imposing a suspended jail sentence.

Judge Stephen Harmes told Niblett: “This is your 19th driving whilst disqualified conviction. “The only appropriate punishment is prison. There isn’t any other punishment.

“We have seen your driving record and it is appalling. You have to stay away from motor vehicles in every way or you are going to get into even more serious trouble.”

Judge Harmes jailed the defendant for 16 weeks and banned him from driving for five years.

Niblett must also pay a £122 victim surcharge upon his release from prison.