NEW plans to convert a former Newport doctor’s surgery into bedsit accommodation have been lodged with the city council.

Similar proposals to turn the former Eveswell Surgery in Chepstow Road into a 10-bedroom house in multiple occupation (HMO) were granted by a planning inspector in October after being refused by the council.

Newport council had rejected the application which provoked widespread opposition, with nearly 100 residents living near the former surgery signing two petitions objecting to the plans.


Councillors sided with residents who raised concerns over parking issues, but a planning inspector ruled against the council, noting that the site is served by a bus route and that it is within walking distance of facilities in the city.

Similar plans have now been submitted to turn the building into a 10 self-contained bedsit house of multiple occupation.

The application again relies on surrounding streets for parking, with the scheme expected to create a demand for 12 spaces, which is the same as the previous plans.

But it claims the scheme will “not result in a need for off-street parking to be provided” due to its location.

“Given the nature of the proposed use, the occupants are less likely to have cars,” a planning statement adds.

The surgery, which closed last year after 70 years of serving the community, is said to have generated a need for 25 spaces.

A “high quality” of accommodation is promised.

Five bedrooms and a communal laundry room are planned on the ground floor, and a further five bedrooms upstairs.

Existing garages at the back of the building are proposed to be turned into bin and bike storage and a room for plumbing and electrical components is also included.

Newport council said the previous application was for a HMO, while the current new one is for bedsits which are different in planning terms.

Some external changes to the building are also slightly different to the previous application.