RESIDENTS living along a main road in Newport have dubbed it 'the city's most dangerous road' after a series of serious crashes.

People living on Chepstow Road have said cars regularly drive faster than the 30mph limit - and that this has got worse recently due to the road being quieter due to the coronavirus lockdown.

They also say a lack of traffic-calming measures on the busy road has exasperated the situation.


While Newport council and Gwent Police couldn't provide statistics on the number of crashes on the road, the Argus has reported five serious collisions so far this year.

Ryan Humphries, who lives with his wife and two children opposite Domino’s Pizza, says he is considering moving after experiencing several devastating incidents.

“I’ve seen deceased bodies outside my house after collisions, and my children have seen that too,” he said. “It’s not a coincidence, it’s due to terrible parking and careless driving.

South Wales Argus:

The collision last week was outside Mr Humphries' home

“Local authorities need to take responsibility by making sure adequate parking is in place for businesses, and businesses must ensure workers are parking correctly.

“When pulling out of junctions, your vision is so blocked due to poor parking – that’s what causes accidents.

“It’s the city’s most dangerous road.”

Andrew Griffiths, who has lived on the road with his wife and two children – opposite Quantock Drive near the Man of Gwent pub – for 20 years, says he has noticed an increase in the seriousness of the crashes, having had four cars written off in that time.

“It’s not nice to have the road you live on used like a racetrack,” he said. “We understand it’s a main road, but the speeds you see cars coming down at is mental.

South Wales Argus:

Andrew Griffiths and his son

“What is most scary about it is how accustomed to it we’ve become.

“This road is fast becoming a death trap, and something needs to be done.”


Mr Griffiths’ neighbour James Crowley, who has lived in the area for 25 years with his wife and three children and has had seven cars written off in that time, says something needs to be done to alert drivers prior to potential accidents.

“I live on the end of our row and we’ve had so many (accidents) here, it’s amazingly bad,” he said. “I don’t know whether people lose concentration or what, but it can’t be a coincidence.

“Speed bumps or other changes to the road to prevent speeding needs to be put in place urgently.

South Wales Argus:

The Griffiths' family car in December after a collision

“All it takes is a split second and a car could be through our wall, and no-one deserves to live with that fear.”

Gerald Carter, who has lived on the road for 70 years, says in the last two years he has had seven cars hit his parked vehicle, and on one occasion in 2018 a car ended up in his garden after mounting the pavement and crashing through his wall.

“I live alone, I’m 86, and I don’t like walking outside to cross the road for fear of being hit,” he said.

South Wales Argus:

The Crowley's family car after a collision in December

“It’s frightening and it’s not fair. We’ve raised it to the authorities time and time again. My message to them would be to get on with it because people’s lives are in danger.”

Inspector Martin Cawley of Gwent Police said: “We are always looking at ways to improve public safety and reducing speeding, and the number of collisions on our roads forms part of this.

“We continuously work with the local authority and partner agencies, as well as the local community, to ensure our roads are safe for all road users.

South Wales Argus:

Gerald Carter

“There are central reservations currently in place along this road as part of pre-existing traffic calming measures, which were installed for the safety of pedestrians crossing this main arterial route into the city. However, we are continuing to monitor the situation and will take steps to resolve any issues.”

A council spokesman said: "Newport City Council and Gwent Police have been working together to assess reports of speeding along Chepstow Road in Newport. Go Safe routinely monitors speed along the road."